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Cuba Military’s port development project

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Military’s port development project

9 April 2011 by Armando F. Mastrapa 3d | Permalink

A promotional 10 minute video was posted on YouTube earlier this week illustrating Cuba’s project to develop (with financing from Brazilian credit) the Port of Mariel, which would include a new pier, cargo terminal, roadways, railways, and warehouses.

Companhia de Obras e Infra-estrutura (COI) a Brazilian corp. (a subsidiary of Odebrecht, S.A.) is involved in this project and its completion is expected in 2014. A northern part of the port will give logistical support for the island’s oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. Mariel Economic Zone will be the center of merchandise distribution in Cuba and other countries, according to the video’s narration.

Zona Desarollo Integral Mariel, S.A. (ZDIM), a Cuban corp. and subsidiary of Almacenes Universales, S.A. will provide maritime shipping services and controls the Mariel development project.

Almacenes Universales is under direct control and administration of the Defense Ministry (Ministerio de la Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias—MINFAR), principally, Col. Luis Alberto Rodriguez Callejas, son-in-law to Army General Raul Castro, also directs the Cuban Armed Forces’ powerful holding company, Grupo de Administración Empresarial—GAESA, which oversees the regime’s principal currency generating businesses throughout the island.





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